Ok, I have been absent a couple of weeks. We just got back from a family trip to Amish country in Ohio. What fun! I’ll maybe talk more about that later. And the MQ show in Duluth I went to the day before we left. Summer is a great time for doing things that don’t involve the computer, so I’m afraid I won’t be posting much more until later in August.

Anyway, it has been about a year since I finished writing my last pattern. I have so many excuses that are not really important. I have a backlog of about 8 quilts that are finished but not written up, 2 in progress, and about 10 more designed but not even started. Sigh. I just don’t have enough time. I have cleared up one of the major impediments to getting writing done now, though, and am hoping to finish the entire backlog by Fall.

So the pattern I wrote up first after my long hiatus is called “Crystallized”. My mother-in-law asked for a small throw to put in their camper. Her only requests were “not precious” and “blue”. I raided my hand-dyeds and came up with this. I can’t believe how quick it went together and how great it was for using random bits of fabric. And no foundation piecing! Yay!

I totally have to make this again, much bigger this time, and keep it.

You can get this pattern by instant download from Craftsy (better for me; fewer fees), or Etsy.