How do PDF downloads work?

After your purchase, within a few minutes you will get an email that has a link in it. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder. Clicking this link will take you to the file download location where you will be prompted to download your file. You will be able to download the file a maximum of three times, so choose a more permanent device such as your computer and not your phone. The link will expire after 30 days. You will need Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed on your computer to open the PDF file (Adobe Reader is a free download). If you have any troubles with this process, you can contact me and I’ll help!


Can I make items from your patterns and sell them?

Small-scale home-based businesses: Yes, as long as you give credit or link to me somewhere on the tag or in the description.

Large-scale commercial businesses: No. Contact me if you aren’t sure which category you fit into.


Can I teach a class from your pattern?

Absolutely! Each student will need to purchase their own pattern. Do not photocopy or print multiple copies of a pattern to distribute. One exception is the Mystery Quilt, which has a copying license available for small groups. Please contact me for pricing information for large groups or the Mystery quilt.


Do you sell print patterns?

Yes! However, from June 2018 to August 2019 I am living overseas, and so print patterns will be unavailable during that time.


Do you have wholesale pricing?

Yes! Contact me at kristin [at] alittlecrispy.com with a tax ID number for more info. My minimum order is six patterns, which can be any assortment you like. I am also on Checker if you prefer to order through a distributor.