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52 zippers project: All the zips!

In 2017 I have a few lofty goals. One of the bigger ones is to undertake a project I’m calling “52 zippers”: this year I will sew 52 different zipper pouches or bags and post about them. I have kind of the perfect storm of reasons for doing this–I have too many zippers, too many cute fabrics that I’m not using because I don’t want to cut them up, lots of fabric embellishment ideas that I want to try out but not on a whole quilt, and of course a lack of organization.

My other thought is that while I know many people have mastered zipper pouches, I think it is a common thing to fear the zipper. I’ve written up a set of basic lined zipper pouch instructions, which you can download for free! As the year goes on I will be adding more modifications and techniques to add to the simple zipper pouch. Look for more handouts to come! These handouts will be free for a limited time; at the end of the project I’ll be compiling all of the handouts into a comprehensive zipper pouch pattern.

1: Plain zipper pouch for a deck of cards

2: Pieced with a flange for EPP projects

3: Reverse applique Liber-tea pouch with scrap zipper pull

4: Snack bag with a PUL lining

5: D-ring and wristlet strap coin pouch

6: Mini plus first aid pouch

7: Dumpling pouch

8: Small and mini dumpling pouches

9: Cut up something that isn’t working

10: Use up UFOs or orphan blocks

11: Mini clear vinyl pouches

12: Peek-a-boo pleats

13: More peek-a-boo pleats

14: Tiny paper pieced pineapples

15: Improv color study

16: Crayon challenge

17: Becca bags

18: Waxed linen and silk cosmetic bag

19: Freezer paper stencil

20: Rainbow selvage chevron

21: Creative maker cases

22: The Cube

23: “What’s in your bag” Sashiko embroidery pouch

24: Micro mini Raspberry Kiss blocks

25: Set to go cosmetic case

26: Scissors cozies

27: Medium Creative Maker’s case

28: Small Maker’s tote

29: Easy Wonder clip bowl

30: Rounded Reno makeup pouch

32: Sleeping bag pouch

33: Brigitte needles & notions pouch

34: Cat mouth coin pouch