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More about a little crispy patterns

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about ways to help people be more successful. Here are are a few ways that my patterns make your life easier:


Choose your size

Make the size you want without doing any pesky math! All patterns include fabric requirements, cutting diagrams, and assembly instructions for multiple sizes.

Have less fear of color

Reduce your color and fabric fears by auditioning your palette in advance with a coloring sheet! Color and fabric selection tips will make you feel even more confident with your choices.

Buy the right amount of fabric

Don’t worry about wasting or running out of fabric—cutting diagrams will help you use your fabric efficiently and reduce your frustration.

Follow along easily

You will easily follow block and assembly instructions—each step has a clear, digital illustration. You won’t be puzzling over confusing written instructions or poor-quality photos.

Newest patterns

Here’s a quick look at my most recently released patterns. Visit my shop to see all of my current patterns.