Shibori meets Origami eBook


Difficulty: Adventurous beginner to intermediate

The art of Shibori dates back to at least 8th century Japan and consists of binding, folding, stitching, twisting, or compressing fabric and then dyeing it. The different manipulations affect how the dye is absorbed into the fabric and produce beautiful patterns when the fabric is unfolded and washed out. With this eBook you will create beautiful, unique dyed patterns using square pieces of fabric and origami-like folding patterns. It’s much easier than it looks!

This eBook has 148 pages, is in PDF format, and includes all you need to know to produce your own beautiful fabrics. It has a fully linked table of contents and is searchable. The fold section has a thumbnail index so you can easily choose which fold is the best fit for your current project.

Included in the eBook:

  • Table of contents
  • List and discussion of materials
  • Technique explained step-by-step
  • Over 100 different folds, including detailed, step-by-step origami-style illustrations
  • Over 100 full-color example dyed fabrics—one of each complex fold and 16 of each basic fold, including a color placement diagram that shows you how to recreate fabric similar to the example
  • A list of project ideas so you can turn your fabrics into something fun!

Please note that this eBook is protected by copyright, so you may not copy, share, or distribute the file to anyone else outside your household. You may, however, print out a copy for your personal use, and you may do anything you like with the fabrics you do make with these instructions.

This item is non-refundable, so please ask any questions you might have before purchase.

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