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Pineapple quilt–paper pieced quilt with a rainbow gradation

I finished this quilt I named "Pineapple" in November. I designed this paper-pieced block earlier this year for the QuiltCon block challenge. The block alone was pretty plain, but when joined together and colored like this looked so much different! [...]

Boston Roads car play mat / quilt

In 2011, I made a play mat for my kids to drive their cars on and play with.This was kind of complicated, and I am happy that I won't have to do it again. I first took a screen shot [...]

Half Asterisk quilt

In about March I finished this quilt. It is 56 x 56" after washing. I think this was my fourth quilt that I designed completely myself, and my first paper-pieced quilt ever, my design or otherwise.All of the "stripes" are actually [...]

Let’s try this again.

Below is my submission for the QuiltCon block challenge. I entered the one on the left, and the one on the right will be pieced together into a charity quilt, along with others in the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild. Johanna [...]

Upcycled tote bags

Last year, I participated in a swap, I believe it was an upcycled sewing swap. I think I had three swap partners, and so I sewed two tote bags and a zip pouch. I started out with an embroidered pillowcase [...]

Changing a fabric’s color after piecing a quilt

So, today has been somewhat eventful. I have been working on the "bad" quilt. I had finished piecing the top three years ago, but then stopped because I hated the way the fabrics looked together. I finally got around to [...]

Orizomegami eBook is finally finished!

I finally finished the orizomegami book that I have been writing off and on (mostly off) for the past 4 years! I listed it on Etsy, so we'll see what happens. My original plan was to try to get it [...]

Wool felt swirl-ey pincushion

For a swap I mailed last week I had to make a pincushion. I made it out of a thrifted Gap sweater that was slightly felted. I nested swirls of strips inside an (empty) can of blueberries from a muffin [...]

My Singer treadle machine

So, my Mom inherited her mom's treadle machine and wanted it out of the house, and I was more than happy to take it off her hands 🙂 Looking up the serial number etc. reveals that it was made in [...]

Hand-sewn baby play mat with arches and everything

Before Johanna was born, I was looking at playmats for her and thought they were stupidly expensive, too small, too ugly, too noisy in some cases, didn't hold enough toys, and just not what I wanted. I thought I could [...]

Toddler pillow sewn from a vintage thrifted pillowcase

I finished the toddler pillow I was making for Johanna out of a vintage pillowcase, also from Goodwill Outlet.It was pretty simple to make--I cut the pillowcase in half; I used one half for the pillow itself and one half [...]

Make a stuffed elephant out of a pair of socks

Today I finished the elephant I started yesterday from "Sock and Glove". These things actually look a lot better in person than they do in the book. Johanna seized it immediately. She has been on a real elephant kick lately [...]

Felted thrifted sweater pincushion

I made a pincushion out of a felted sweater from Goodwill Outlet. It is very similar to the ones from "Warm Fuzzies", but I wrapped the sleeve of the sweater around a cleaned (empty) can of bamboo shoots to give [...]

Nutcracker Christmas coasters

I made these coasters for my Nutcracker-crazy MIL for Christmas this year. The reverse side is more fabric from my Christmas fabric stash. They are based on the ones in "Bend the Rules Sewing", but I quilted them in a [...]

Thrifted corduroy pants quilt–progress

So here are the spoils from the 11 pairs of pants and 1 jumper that I cut up in the last week. I only cut up two legs out of four for all of the pants, and I cut up [...]

Furoshiki reusable gift wraps

These are two of this year's Christmas gifts wrapped up in furoshiki cloths that I made from thrifted satin. I really like the double-knotted red one. All I wound up doing for these is cutting out the largest possible square [...]

Silk gift bag/pouch from thrifted clothing

I made this for my Grandma for Christmas this year to hold the beaded pieces that I also made her. It is made out of a thrifted floral silk scarf and a thrifted coral silk shirt, both of which I [...]

Little purse to carry around clothespin dolls

This was a Christmas gift I sewed for my only niece, Eleanor, who just turned 3 and is as girly as they come. It looks like a little purse with pretty yellow flowers (apparently her favorite color). The outer fabric [...]