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Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Daisy chain

This week I am struck by a lack of naming creativity and am calling my quilt "Daisy Chain".It works up at a nice toddler 40" x 50" as shown here, but easily scales larger or smaller just by adding or [...]

WIP Wednesday

Pretty sad this week. I touched neither my sewing machine or my fabric. I was very sick for a few days, and then I think I have the end of winter blahs which makes me not want to do anything. [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Mossy and Daisy spools

This week's quilt I named "Mossy". The layout below would be small throw size, or toddler sized—50 inches square. If you decide to make it bigger, it would probably look best with an odd number of blocks for rows and [...]

WIP Wednesday

Well, I went on an in-town retreat last weekend with MN Quilters. Lots of fun! I got around 20 hours of sewing done, which is great because that is the only sewing I have done in about three weeks now. [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Starlet

So, this week's quilt I named "Starlet". It kind of reminds me of those black and white photos that have a bit of color added to them. If made up in the sizes described below, the quilt will be 42" [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Cactus Flower

This week's quilt I named "Cactus Flower". It has been an unpleasant winter here in Minnesota, and I am very much looking forward to spring! The layout below would be throw size—60 inches square.I really like how this turned out. I [...]

WIP Wednesday

I thought it would be nice to have a list of my WIPs (works in progress) and NESYs (not even started yet).I haven't touched my machine in over a week. I wish I had the motivation to work! My sewing [...]

Pineapple quilt–paper pieced quilt with a rainbow gradation

I finished this quilt I named "Pineapple" in November. I designed this paper-pieced block earlier this year for the QuiltCon block challenge. The block alone was pretty plain, but when joined together and colored like this looked so much different! [...]

Boston Roads car play mat / quilt

In 2011, I made a play mat for my kids to drive their cars on and play with.This was kind of complicated, and I am happy that I won't have to do it again. I first took a screen shot [...]

Half Asterisk quilt

In about March I finished this quilt. It is 56 x 56" after washing. I think this was my fourth quilt that I designed completely myself, and my first paper-pieced quilt ever, my design or otherwise.All of the "stripes" are actually [...]

Let’s try this again.

Below is my submission for the QuiltCon block challenge. I entered the one on the left, and the one on the right will be pieced together into a charity quilt, along with others in the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild. Johanna [...]

Upcycled tote bags

Last year, I participated in a swap, I believe it was an upcycled sewing swap. I think I had three swap partners, and so I sewed two tote bags and a zip pouch. I started out with an embroidered pillowcase [...]

Changing a fabric’s color after piecing a quilt

So, today has been somewhat eventful. I have been working on the "bad" quilt. I had finished piecing the top three years ago, but then stopped because I hated the way the fabrics looked together. I finally got around to [...]

Orizomegami eBook is finally finished!

I finally finished the orizomegami book that I have been writing off and on (mostly off) for the past 4 years! I listed it on Etsy, so we'll see what happens. My original plan was to try to get it [...]

Wool felt swirl-ey pincushion

For a swap I mailed last week I had to make a pincushion. I made it out of a thrifted Gap sweater that was slightly felted. I nested swirls of strips inside an (empty) can of blueberries from a muffin [...]

My Singer treadle machine

So, my Mom inherited her mom's treadle machine and wanted it out of the house, and I was more than happy to take it off her hands 🙂 Looking up the serial number etc. reveals that it was made in [...]

Hand-sewn baby play mat with arches and everything

Before Johanna was born, I was looking at playmats for her and thought they were stupidly expensive, too small, too ugly, too noisy in some cases, didn't hold enough toys, and just not what I wanted. I thought I could [...]

Toddler pillow sewn from a vintage thrifted pillowcase

I finished the toddler pillow I was making for Johanna out of a vintage pillowcase, also from Goodwill Outlet.It was pretty simple to make--I cut the pillowcase in half; I used one half for the pillow itself and one half [...]