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Free quilt pattern Friday! Tire tread

Today's pattern I called "Tire tread". (Again, this naming thing is not my biggest strength). It works up to 60" x 60" if made as shown.This pattern is very easy--In the picture above there are 3.5" unfinished squares and half [...]

Free quilt pattern Friday! String geese

Today's pattern I called "String geese". It works up to 53" x 62" if made as shown, so a good toddler/throw size.This pattern is very easy--In the picture above there are 6.5" unfinished half square triangle blocks set "on point", [...]

Free quilt pattern Friday returns! Ziglog

Today's pattern I called "Ziglog". It works up to 48" x 60" if made as shown, so a nice toddler size.I just picked some random colors this time again from my Kona palette.This pattern is very easy--In the picture above [...]

State fair, and a new pattern!

Yes, it is November. It's never too late, though, right?So, this quilt I started in February and finished in May. I am a big fan of Tula Pink, and even though I almost never just use one line in a [...]

New pattern! Scrappy Christmas stockings

I have a new pattern out today! Just in time for Christmas, these are my scrappy stockings. I made these for Christmas last year, and decided that I liked them too much not to share. They are lots of fun [...]


So it has been really hard getting back into the routine of posting regularly. I did recently get onto Instagram, though! If you want to check out what I'm working on, take a look over there: @crispykristin. I have lots [...]

New quilt pattern! Crystallized

Ok, I have been absent a couple of weeks. We just got back from a family trip to Amish country in Ohio. What fun! I'll maybe talk more about that later. And the MQ show in Duluth I went to [...]

WIP Wednesday

Ok, I know it is actually Thursday, but whatever.I did very little quilting this week again. I am entering four quilts into the MQ show next week and it took forever to attach hanging sleeves, labels, etc. etc. etc. One [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Pinwheel flower

Today's pattern I called "Pinwheel flower". Yeah, I am not blessed with the gift of naming... It works up to 48 x 62" if made as shown, so a nice toddler size.I just picked some random colors this time again, [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Windmill

Today's pattern I called "Windmill". It works up to 60 x 84" if made as shown, so a smaller twin size. For this one, I really like how the two dark fabrics make the subtle windmill pattern. Can you tell [...]

WIP Wednesday

So the last few weeks were perhaps not as productive as I'd hoped. The last straw was trying to find something in a very large, messy closet, and losing several things that I *knew* were in the basement somewhere. We [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Squiggle

Today's pattern I called "Squiggle". It works up to 50" x 58" if made as shown, so a nice toddler size. I like how it looks like the whole quilt is leaning to the side!I just picked some hot oranges [...]

WIP Wednesday

So last weekend I went to my first retreat. I went with the Minneapolis Contemporary Quilters (MCQ) to Camp Wapo in Wisconsin. There were just the three of us from our guild tagging along with MCQ this time, but I [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Ring of hearts

Today's pattern I called "Ring of hearts". It works up to 60" square if made as shown, so a nice throw size. You can reduce this into a crib quilt by changing the block size.I picked another Design Seeds palette [...]

WIP Wednesday

Well, I have a finish this week. Yay! I finally finished my Tula Pink Squirrel Dahlia. The weather has been terrible for months, and of course I finish today when we had a tiny bit of sun yesterday. I will [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Stargazer

This week's quilt I called Stargazer, after the flower in the palette I chose. It works up to 45" x 54" as illustrated.I am back to a Design Seeds palette this week.So, just two simple blocks, yet again, this week. [...]

Teaching my kids to sew by machine

So, even though I really enjoy sewing and I really want my kids to sew, I had yet to teach them to sew a single stitch by machine. I tried a couple of times to show them hand sewing, but [...]

Free Quilt Pattern Friday! Hugs and kisses

So this week's quilt I named "Hugs and kisses", for obvious reasons. It works up at a nice toddler/throw size 50' x 60" as shown here, but is easily made larger or smaller.It has been a very, very busy week [...]

WIP Wednesday

I did actually get some sewing done this week, finally. I was focusing on just two projects because I am trying to finish at least one (hopefully both) to enter into the MN Quilter's show. They are due April 19th, [...]

Goodwill Outlet for quilters

Many of you are probably familiar with Goodwill's regular thrift stores, and might be wondering, what is a Goodwill Outlet, and why should I shop there?Goodwill Outlet is essentially the last stop for things in the Goodwill chain before they [...]