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UFO Saturdays 2016 recap

It's the end of the year and everyone is writing their year-end recaps and their goals for next year, so here goes! Next year I have three main goals as far as sewing and quilting goes. And they are pretty [...]

How to reattach a zipper pull after you’ve cut it off

  It's almost Christmas! And that sometimes means last-minute Christmas sewing. My go-to last minute gift is nearly always a zipper pouch. They sew up quickly and are pretty easy. But when rushing sometimes I do things that I wish [...]

How to make a big ironing board for quilting

A few years ago, I was getting really tired of ironing quilt tops with my regular ironing board. The kind with the tapered end is really not designed for quilters! I started googling things like "big ironing board" and came across [...]

What to bring to a quilt retreat

I love going to sew-ins and retreats! But what to bring? Aside from the obvious and usual things, I thought I would post a few of my favorite retreat/sew in helpers. I already talked about my portable ironing board. That is a [...]

Bobbin organization

I think most quilters, and people who sew in general, have a lot of thread. If you are like me, thread organization can be an issue. I had a big problem with organizing all those bobbins for a long time. [...]

How to use a Sizzix die to make a handbag

So a few months ago I was lucky enough to win a flash giveaway of a Sizzix Fabi on Instagram! It came with one die, but then I had the opportunity to get some more dies if I came up [...]

Scrap storage done!

So it has been a long, busy summer with lots of travelling, camping, and not a lot of sewing. So not much quilty to blog about. But my daughter started back at school yesterday, and my son starts tomorrow, so [...]

New pattern! Pacific

Ok, this post is a little late coming, but I have a new pattern out. I called it Pacific because the multi-colored blues reminded me of the ocean. I love how this one is so soft and delicately colored, and [...]

A new quilt pattern! Anemone

Well, after a long span of sewing a lot and writing very little, I am finally through with the last of the excuses! I replaced my computer that was just not working anymore with a spiffy new one. Yipee! I [...]

Free quilt pattern Friday! Ripple

This week's pattern is called "Ripple" and works up to about 56" x 56" if made as shown.The block size is 11.25" finished. In the picture above there are two blocks, one with a base grid of 3 (so 4.25" [...]

Free quilt pattern Friday! Tiger Lily

So last week I missed posting a free pattern, but I had a *cough* mild cold and was too tired. This week's pattern is called "Tiger Lily" and works up to 60" x 75" if made as shown. What is [...]

WIP Wednesday

Ok, so it has been awhile since I've done one of these. I think I might be up to a record number of quilts on the go. So, today I will just show a little of one that I was [...]

Free quilt pattern Friday! Pansy

Today's pattern I called "Pansy" as I have completely used up my naming creativity and will just use flower names as often as I can. It works up to 60" x 60" if made as shown.The block size is 12" [...]

Free quilt pattern Friday! Aster

First Free pattern Friday of the year! In an icy mood, today's pattern I called "Aster". It works up to 45" x 63" if made as shown. I am always amazed at how the prettiest patterns can pop out of [...]

A quilt finish!

So, this year I decided to give my parents a quilt for Christmas. I actually finished it a couple of months ago, but only got around to photographing it last week. It is around 60" square.So this quilt actually has [...]

Free quilt pattern Friday! Marigold

Today's pattern I called "Marigold". It works up to 65" x 65" if made as shown. I couldn't decide between two configurations, so I am posting them both.This pattern is very easy--In the picture above there are 3.5" unfinished squares [...]