If you’re new to my 52 zippers project, you can read the backstory, see all the zipper pouches, and download basic zipper pouch instructions here.

I came across these little Lilly cosmetic bags by LalaFab when browsing zipper pouch ideas and had to make them! The pattern is free, but it’s in German. My German is really bad and I still managed to muddle through with the help of Google Translate and all the photos, so if you have some experience with zippers I think you can handle it.

I decided to quilt the outer panels to some fusible fleece to make them a little more sturdy. I used a very favorite older butterfly print for the big one, and a Rifle Paper print for the little one.

I really liked the clever way that the zipper tucks into the lining for this pattern; I haven’t seen that method before. It makes it so that the pouch stays open pretty wide when it’s unzipped!

I lined the larger one with an older Tula Pink print, and the smaller one with another Rifle Paper print.

Overall I really like these little pouches, and they were super quick and easy! I’m definitely adding them to the list of potential gift ideas!

Zipper pouch specs:

  • For the larger (gray/pink) one, I used the small template
  • For the smaller (blue) one, I cut 1″ off all the way around the small template

See you back here next time with another zip pouch!