If you’re new to my 52 zippers project, you can read the backstory, see all the zipper pouches, and download basic zipper pouch instructions here.

Before I left on my big trip, I had a request from my middle son and my husband to make them very simple, plain pencil pouches. I know that getting the size for these “just right” can be tricky based on previous attempts throughout the years—there is a pretty narrow margin of good sizes for pencil pouches! Too big and the pencils inside just swim, too small and it’s irritating to wrangle them out.

I searched for a bit online before I made these and couldn’t find dimensions for just plain pouches that looked like the perfect size. So even though these are dead easy, I thought it would be useful to post the sizes I made.

The smaller one holds about 6-8 pens or pencils nicely—it’s perfect for a very minimal style.

The larger one holds a lot more and needed to be a bit wider to accommodate the additional bulk from all the pencils. I also boxed the corners a bit so it would stand up on its own when full.

These worked out great for holding what they needed to, and I’m sure that the next time I need a really quick handmade gift I’ll be referring back to these sizes!

Black zipper pouch specs:

  • Outer pieces: 3.5″ tall x 8.75″ wide
  • Lining: 3.5″ tall x 8.75″ wide

Red zipper pouch specs:

  • Outer pieces: 6″ tall x 9.5″ wide
  • Lining: 6″ tall x 9.5″ wide
  • 1.5″ wide boxed corners (measured across box seam line)

See you back here next time with another zip pouch!