If you’re new to my 52 zippers project, you can read the backstory, see all the zipper pouches, and download basic zipper pouch instructions here.

I have a Quilting retreat coming up and I thought, what better time than to make these Scissors cozies that I’ve been eyeing over at Sotak handmade… Only problem was that I have different scissors, so her templates didn’t work for mine. I decided to just wing it and made my own templates based on the basic shape of hers by tracing about 1/2″ to 3/4″ all the way around each of the two pairs of scissors that I wanted to make cozies for.

I knew these would get a lot of use so I wanted to use some special fabric… This is Emma & Myrtle by Amanda Jean Nyberg (Crazy Mom Quilts). I decided to do kind of a scrappy thing because that definitely fit the fabric. I made the patchwork panels and then cut the template shapes out from the panel. So cute!!

The larger case is definitely tight, so I maybe should have added more length to that template… But it still works.

I lined it with the large spool print that I think is my favorite of the bundle. And the coral zippers just gave the perfect pop of color.

See you back here next time with another zip pouch!