If you’re new to my 52 zippers project, you can read the backstory, see all the zipper pouches, and download basic zipper pouch instructions here.

So this week I made the “Set to go” cosmetic case I found on Craftsy by Uniquely Michelle. I thought it had a super cute shape and I’ve been wanting to make more boxy bags.

I had this awesome sparkle zipper that I wanted to pair with metallic black/silver Essex linen (Ebony). I added in this Cotton and Steel print that I’ve been saving for a while because I had no idea what to do with it but it’s so pretty! I reversed the top and bottom pattern pieces because I wanted more of the print instead of the Essex showing.

I added a bit of turquoise green piping, just because.

I lined it with a mint print and used a bit more of the Cotton and Steel print for the inner slip pocket.

  • Zipper pouch size: Exactly as in pattern
  • Zipper: 30cm (12″)

See you back here next time with another zip pouch!