If you’re new to my 52 zippers project, you can read the backstory, see all the zipper pouches, and download basic zipper pouch instructions here.

For this week’s zipper pouch, I decided I wanted to try some peek-a-boo pleats. I can’t say I’m pleased at all with the results, but because I left making the pouch until the last day of the week I don’t have time to remake it today. So this will be my project next week, too. I am determined to make it right!

The pleats themselves I think look ok, but the pouch came out such an awkward size and shape. I am still trying to think through different ways to change that. It will be a fun experiment this week! 🙂

I used a navy linen on the outside, and the peek-a-boo pleats and lining are from Robert Kaufman’s London Calling lawn. I didn’t use any interfacing as I didn’t want the pleats to be strangely stiff. For the top of the pleats I folded the linen to meet at the center of the lawn strips, and for the bottom of the pleats I tucked the lawn under about 1/8″.

Zipper pouch specs:

  • Outer pieces: Front and back panels pieced together with 1.5″ x 3″ strips, to make 7.5″ w x 3″ h panels before folding. After folding, the top was approximately 4.5″ wide, and the bottom was approximately 5.5″ wide.
  • Lining pieces: Layered front panel on top of lining and cut to match
  • Zipper tabs: none
  • Zipper: 4.5″ cut

See you back here next week with another zip pouch!