If you’re new to my 52 zippers project, you can read the backstory, see all the zipper pouches, and download basic zipper pouch instructions here.

For this week’s zipper pouch, I wanted to make something fancy, but my parents are in town and I totally ran out of time. So, instead I sewed a snack bag with Cotton + Steel/Rashida Coleman-Hale’s “Petite Plus” fabric on the outside, and a black and white chevron PUL fabric for lining that I got from Jo-ann Fabrics (regular price $14.99 a yard, found in the button aisle). I plan to make similar snack bags for each member of the family, just with different exterior fabrics. My daughter is already bugging me to sew hers!

If you aren’t familiar with PUL fabric, it is a cotton fabric that is laminated on the “wrong” or reverse side with a polyurethane. This makes it mostly waterproof, except at the seams of course, unless you sew french seams. I’m not terribly concerned about the pouch being completely waterproof as I don’t plan to fill it with things like applesauce (ew, and ha!) but I wanted it to be water resistant so I could put things like grapes inside. The PUL is in theory much safer to put next to food than other water-resistant fabrics like oilcloth or laminates.

I’ve read a bunch about making snack bags out of PUL online but I’d never felt the fabric in person. It is quite soft and has a very drapey hand–it’s not stiff at all. It is thicker than a quilting cotton, and has a little stretch to it. It was relatively easy to sew with, except it was a little slippery. I used Clover Wonder Clips to keep it from being too shifty. I didn’t have any problems with the laminated side sticking while sewing and causing stitch problems, but if you do, I suggest using a Teflon presser foot on your machine, similar to how you’d sew with vinyl. I didn’t find myself being terribly careful with the iron, but I did always iron it on the cotton side, not on the laminated side.

For this zip pouch I also added a small D-ring so it could be clipped to a backpack, and it’s a little easier for my kids to open with something to hold onto. Next week I plan to have another handout sheet including the D-ring addition and a wristlet strap. So stay tuned!

I used a very pale pink zipper and a little piece of Kona Pearl Pink for the D-ring tab that matched the zipper perfectly.

I also used a 6″ zipper with no tabs and no trimming. The pouch turned out to have pretty dented corners, but I’m ok with that this week. I’m looking forward to keeping this in my handbag with a snack as I often leave the house forgetting to bring food with me.

Zipper pouch specs:

  • Outer pieces (2): 6.5″ w x 6.5″ h, interfaced with woven fusible interfacing (Pellon SF-101)
  • Lining pieces (PUL)  (2): 6.5″ w x 6.5″ h
  • Zipper tabs: none
  • D-ring: 3/4″
  • D-ring tab: 2.75″ x 2″
  • Zipper: 6″, uncut

See you back here next week with another zip pouch!