Well, after a long span of sewing a lot and writing very little, I am finally through with the last of the excuses! I replaced my computer that was just not working anymore with a spiffy new one. Yipee! I am hoping to get caught up on the (now huge) backlog of quilt pattern writing by sometime this Fall.

So this one I am calling Anemone. This very colorful quilt only has 7 colors and a background. Pick some favorite solids and make your own flower garden!

I made my version with Essex linen and solids, and I quilted it using a medium-dense meander with Aurifil (50 weight). I matched the quilting thread color to the background, and since it is so fine it just melted into the quilt, even over the dark red. I was worried that the stitching would mar the pattern, but it turned out just lovely!

I include fabric requirements and instructions for three sizes: crib (44″ x 44″), throw (68″ x 68″), and queen (94″ x 94″). You could easily adapt this to a king as well by adding an extra border, or to a twin by adding a top and bottom border.

This pattern is 16 pages, and is packed full of illustrations and very clear instructions. I walk you through fabric quantities, cutting (including cutting diagrams to make efficient use of your fabric), piecing, and assembling the quilt top. I also include coloring sheets so that you can play with different color combinations!

This quilt is for any quilter that has some experience with quilting. I wouldn’t choose this as one of the first couple of quilts to make, but after that, you should be able to handle it!

You can purchase this pattern at my Craftsy shop, or over on Etsy.