Jun 30

New quilt pattern! Crystallized

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Ok, I have been absent a couple of weeks. We just got back from a family trip to Amish country in Ohio. What fun! I’ll maybe talk more about that later. And the MQ show in Duluth I went to the day before we left. Summer is a great time for doing things that don’t involve the computer, so I’m afraid I won’t be posting much more until later in August.

Anyway, it has been about a year since I finished writing my last pattern. I have so many excuses that are not really important. I have a backlog of about 8 quilts that are finished but not written up, 2 in progress, and about 10 more designed but not even started. Sigh. I just don’t have enough time. I have cleared up one of the major impediments to getting writing done now, though, and am hoping to finish the entire backlog by Fall.

So the pattern I wrote up first after my long hiatus is called “Crystallized”. My mother-in-law asked for a small throw to put in their camper. Her only requests were “not precious” and “blue”. I raided my hand-dyeds and came up with this. I can’t believe how quick it went together and how great it was for using random bits of fabric. And no foundation piecing! Yay!

I totally have to make this again, much bigger this time, and keep it.

You can get this pattern by instant download from Craftsy (better for me; fewer fees), or Etsy.

Jun 7

WIP Wednesday

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Ok, I know it is actually Thursday, but whatever.

I did very little quilting this week again. I am entering four quilts into the MQ show next week and it took forever to attach hanging sleeves, labels, etc. etc. etc. One quilt (Squirrely Dahlia) in the Judged show, two quilts (Citrus and Pineapple) in the non-Judged, and one mini/wall hanging in the MQ Challenge. They are all done as of this morning, though. Yay! I can’t wait to see my quilts hanging at my first show!

So I finished binding my MQ Challenge mini this morning. It is about 12″ x 13″.

The weather was very crappy today, so the photo is not the best. I really, really like the quilting! It is too bad it made it extremely stiff. No good for a bed quilt. To give it that kind of hand-quilted look, I increased my stitch length to 3.0 mm, used black thread in the bobbin, and increased my tension so the black would be pulled up a bit to the top, creating “space” between the stitches.

I am not super-thrilled with how this turned out, but I suppose it will do. I think the applique that I added at the end made the difference between it being so boring I want to set it on fire, to marginally acceptable. I think others had lots of problems, too–there are supposedly only 36 entries this year!

The only other sewing I did was teacher’s gifts. For Johanna’s teacher, I made three zip pouches. The circle pouch pattern is here. I didn’t add the topstitching because it was being really fiddly and I thought it would not come out nicely.

Then, for Alfred’s teachers, I made them each a set of three of the vinyl window bags. I really like the squirrel one… Might have to make one for myself! You can tell how much I like the black one with the yellow bird. I think that is the fourth one of those I have made!

Now that the MQ show stuff and teacher’s gifts are out of the way, I have to finish Alfred’s quilt by next Thursday for our guild meeting. I am not in great shape for that… I kept changing the design, and last week decided to rip out the corners of 48 blocks.

I bought some Kona Lime to replace the corners, and of course the dye lot had changed from what I wanted. I gave up and dyed a couple of yards of the exact color that I wanted instead. Now I have to finish the top tonight or tomorrow or I have no hope! I am hoping that next week I will have a finish to share!