Today’s pattern I called “Windmill”. It works up to 60 x 84″ if made as shown, so a smaller twin size. For this one, I really like how the two dark fabrics make the subtle windmill pattern. Can you tell I’m also liking Irish chains? I have done a bunch of them now…

I just picked some random colors this time again.

This pattern is very easy–it just consists of two different 8″ (finished) blocks. One rail fence, and a “sixteen-patch”.

About Free Pattern Friday:

I am learning how to use EQ7 and trying to stretch my designing and coloring muscles. I wanted to be able to share what I came up with, hence this series. I will list cutting sizes, and anything else that would be critical to figuring it out, but to be able to make this free I am not going to post instructions—you will need to work out the details, like fabric requirements and piecing instructions, on your own.

You can use the free patterns in this series however you want except for to sell the pattern, copy the images, or mass-produce these quilts. All of the blocks I use are either included with EQ (which means they are in the public domain) or they are my own that I am giving permission to use. I would love to hear back if you make anything from these patterns!