I made a pincushion out of a felted sweater from Goodwill Outlet. It is very similar to the ones from “Warm Fuzzies“, but I wrapped the sleeve of the sweater around a cleaned (empty) can of bamboo shoots to give it some weight. I don’t know about other people, but it drives me crazy when pincushions slide around or lift up when I try to take a pin out of them. I lined the bottom of the can with strips of cotton batting I had leftover from my last quilt. This allowed me to use much less of the pretty candy-colored sweater.

This is it after the sleeve was fitted on and the batting was put in.

I don’t remember how she did it in the book as I had it out of the library, but here is how I did the bottom. There are two small leftover fleece circles tucked inside to make the bottom soft. It looks puffier in the photo for some reason. After sitting upright for awhile it is pretty flat.

Here is the completed cushion, complete with leaf accents. The leaves are cut out of another sweater I felted from Goodwill Outlet. I don’t have any ribbon or rickrack that really matches and doesn’t look stupid, so the sides are going to remain unembellished for now.