I made this for my Grandma for Christmas this year to hold the beaded pieces that I also made her. It is made out of a thrifted floral silk scarf and a thrifted coral silk shirt, both of which I needed to fuse some light interfacing to the back of to render useful for patchwork. The pattern is from the book “Omiyage“, which is one of my new favorites.

I did not notice when choosing this pattern that it had inset seams, something which I had not attempted before and was a little trying, especially with silk. I am hoping to make a bunch more of these little pouches from the book–they are so beautiful and when I have so much thrifted silk in my stash I might as well use it for something like this.

The little tulip “beads” at the ends of the cord are actually from a Japanese sewing book that I have. I preferred them to the plain beads that are in the Omiyage book.

I fussy-cut one of the big, gorgeous flowers from the scarf to be centered in the bottom of the lining. Very pretty!