I can finally start to post all of my Christmas crafts! I found these trees on mollychicken and couldn’t resist making something very similar. I made these out of a semi-felted sweater I got at the Goodwill outlet. I couldn’t do the nice blanket stitching at the bottom because the sweater didn’t felt completely and would have raveled.

I cut out the tree tops and sewed a number of bronze seed beads onto them, along with perle cotton mouths. For eyes I heavily starched an ivory piece of cotton and cut it out into little circles. Because the sweater was flecked and quite dark, you can’t see as well in the photo what is going on.

Happy trees waiting to be stitched.

All done and hanging out together.

I purposely made each of their eyes and mouths a little different. Most family members received one for Christmas this year. And I kept the goofiest looking one for myself :)